Bernard Eagle models wearing the Clothing brand: Sphelele Noawi, Topoentle Mashigo, Xoliswa Buthelezi & Xoliswa Buthelezi. Photo credit: Bernard Eagle.

Bernard Eagle Modelling Agency and Clothing Brand’s director speaks to us about who and what the brand stands for. “Bernard Eagle is a modelling agency but more than that it’s a platform for young and aspiring people who would like to pursue a career in modelling.

“We bring in models and then create profiles for them, from there we get them gigs,” explained director, Thato Masiteng. The brand started last year in August with two other guys on the management side.

The CEO and Co-founder of the brand are Bernard Motai and Daddy Morobi is the general manager.

According to Masiteng, the brand is not only from Westbury but they have people from all over like in areas in Soweto representing Bernard Eagle.

As the brand and agency are still new to the scene, they do not have partnerships as yet with companies and so on but the director said that they still working on getting in partners so that their models will have a platform to work on.

The main focus is to get in more models and to build their profiles. On the clothing brand side, Masiteng said that they closing in designers who create the clothing.

“This is also a way for fashion designers to showcase their skills. There isn’t a specific look that we go for as a brand, instead, we just go for what the youth is wearing, their style and what is appealing to them. We have sportswear and streetwear,” he said.

The age group for the modelling is between the ages of 14-years-old to 36-years-old. The founders see Bernard Eagle as a global brand one day.

Masiteng added: “We want to help people achieve their dreams in their industry, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, your height or the colour of your skin, we want the youth to also flourish in this industry.”

When asked what made the three guys start the brand Masiteng said: “We were just sitting one day and Bernard asked me if I’ve noticed how people in our communities’ lack of platforms to showcase themselves.

“We came to a realisation that the youth lack such platforms and now resort to teenage pregnancy, gangsterism and drugs.

“We understood that if people could do what they love, there would be less violence and drug peddling in our areas. And that is how we started the brand from that idea.”

The brand has a website where people can register on to join and once you have joined the managers will meet with you and learn what your expectation are from them. The website is

Source: Soweto Urban