DJ Black Coffee

By Lesiba Lekgetho

Iconic South African artist Black Coffee will soon launch an academy to help
assist young people and also create jobs.

Black Coffee recently announced that he would be starting a ‘Fashion Art and
Music Academy’ (FAM Academy) with the aim to create jobs and assist talented

The project will be a collaboration with the creator of Maxhosa, Laduma
Ngoxokolo and artist Nelson Makamo.

“Our goal is to build an Academy for talented youths based on three
disciplines, which is to create jobs for the students straight out of the
Academy, for musicians if you get admitted as a student you also receive a
recording contract and you will be taught about music, branding and social
media, music business and more, in the second year you release your first single
then in the final year you work on your album and launch it in your final
recital,” he said.

Black Coffee said they are looking for premises for this project and they will be
raising funds for it in every part of the world where they have a footprint
as artists starting from South Africa.

“This is not for us but for future generations and we are going to need any kind of assistance with this project in order to make it a success.Foxes have holes, birds have nests but children of Africa have nothing,” he said.