Rabelani Dagada

By Ntsoaki Toloane

The City of Joburg has released the 2017/18 budget, which was recently delivered by Finance MMC RabelaniDagada.

Dagada said the budget consists of R47.3 billion operating budget and a capital budget of R8.6 billion. He emphasised that the City is concerned with the state of the economy and will strive to make sure that service delivery is done at its best.

“We are resolute in our mission to deliver quality services, especially where there were none before. We will also make sure that public money is not stolen by self-serving individuals, but ploughed back into our communities. The economic climate is still poor, but we can take steps in making sure that Johannesburg is in a position to achieve a 5% economic growth rate by 2021. The budget is guided by the need to deliver on pillars which are to grow economy, create jobs, improve quality life, advance pro-poor development and institute an honest, responsive and productive government,” said MMC Dagada.

The allocation of funds

is as follows:

Environmental and Infrastructure Services Department:

R194.8 million.

Housing Department:

R847 million.

Department of Economic Development: R228 million.

Department of Transport:

R1.5 billion.

The Department of Development Planning: R327 million.

Human and Social Development Cluster: R6.5 billion.

The Department of Public

Safety: R3.3 million.

The Department of Health:

R941 million.

The Department of Social Development: R208 million.

The Department of Community Development:  R1 billion

The Governance Cluster:

R8.9 billion.

The Group Finance: R4.3 billion.

Group Corporate and Shared Services: R1.4 million.