Bheki Mkwanazi.
Following the publication on Zola’s very own Afro-Pop artist, a flame of inspiration was set in motion without that genre of music. Bheki Mkwanazi is one of the few remaining solo artists who is pursuing a genre that most people may have lost interest in.

Surprisingly enough, Mkhwanazi is doing well in his craft and has somewhat found the niche of his market as no one else is doing what he is doing.

With airplay across many well known South African Radio stations, Mkhwanazi is excited and motivated with the progress that his album is making.

Going forward, Mkhwanazi is looking forward to continuing to grow his stable of artists and performers with a bigger vision of starting his own musical empire.

Currently, he has three artists under his wing and is using his personal studio and equipment to complement his student’s taste and growing them in the music industry.

“I’m starting my journey of giving back and I’m doing this through a music academy that I have started.

“Currently, I don’t have much but my wish is to find sponsorship that can help me get more equipment so that I can start my school.

In our previous article on Mkwanazi, he noted that the music industry is still being negatively impacted on by the practice of Payola.

With his past experience and how his music has been doing, he has learnt that it is still very possible to make it in the industry without having to pay Payola, the only issue is that the journey will be much longer than normal.

Source: Soweto Urban.