Vasco Da Gama

By Thembelani Moyo

The City of Johannesburg has promised to support elderly people following a series of engagements aimed at giving them a platform to air their views on issues affecting them, particularly service delivery.

Speaking at a meeting held at the Diepkloof Welfare Centre, Council Speaker Vasco da Gama said the participation of the senior citizens was a reminder of their importance in communities.

“We’re here because we want to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to deepening and broadening the support to senior citizens,” he said.

Da Gama added that some old people are still breadwinners and they take care of their children and grand children. In regards to this he said the City of Johannesburg is willing to prioritise offering support to senior citizens.

“We’re aware that our elderly face many challenges, such as access to clean drinking water, electricity, safety and security, health and poverty. The Constitution guarantees you the right to human dignity and equality. The challenges you face makes the reality of these constitutional rights a distant goal. The City must strive to make these rights a realisable dream. The City does not see senior citizens as helpless and powerless. They’re viewed as able members of society who may from time to time need a helping hand,” Da Gama said.

He added that the City wants to reduce the number of old people who cannot access proper housing, health care and protection.

Da Gama revealed that the City has completed the concluded holding Integrated Development Plan meetings across all regions, where it had engaged residents on service delivery issues.