EFF leader Julius Malema has reminded the youth that they are responsible for ushering in a revolution. (Screen grab from News24 livestream)

EFF leader Julius Malema has reminded the youth that they are responsible for ushering in a revolution.

“You must do what you believe in,” he said.

Malema was speaking at Faith Gospel Church in Khutsong, west of Johannesburg on Sunday, where he said the issue of land was the big revolution that would free the country’s people from poverty.

“If you have your own piece of land… you don’t pay rent. Therefore you have profit, you can feed your family,” he said.

“Why would you go and be a domestic worker if you have land? No one deserves to be a domestic worker… No one is supposed to work for peanuts,” he said.

“If they want me to clean for them, they must pay me R12 500 and upward. I will leave my land and go clean for them… They pay you peanuts because they know you have nothing.”

“No one is supposed to fight for a piece of land,” he said.

‘Sitting on top of our brains’

Malema said he and other leaders of the party went to the church on Sunday to thank the congregation for praying for him and the EFF.

“We came back to this church to come and say thank you. Because you received us at a time when it was not fashionable to receive us. A lot of people were scared to receive us… because they thought they were going to be victimised,” he said.

“And we said in this church, once we get into Parliament we will come back and say thank you. That is why we are here today.

“We are doing a wonderful job there in Parliament… That’s why we are not scared to come back because we did not lie to the church,” Malema said.

Malema said it was a privilege to be prayed for by a church.

“We know we are protected. We don’t want anything from you – bishop and the church,” he said.

He said the poor old women in the townships could see that the EFF was fighting for their future, the future of their children, and to end poverty.

“Because in you they see the future of South Africa. It is education that will break poverty in my family… They have got their hopes on you.”

Malema also spoke out about leadership problems in SA.

“We are led by dumb people… They cannot think. They think of their family and their stomach,” he said.

“Our problems are very simple problems. Bishop, we don’t even have to call Jesus. Because Jesus and God gave us brains… We are sitting on top of our brains.”

Source: News 24