An ANC member shot by rubber bullets. Picture: Khaya Koko
Johannesburg – Chaos erupted in Joburg’s CBD on Friday as ANC members, who were marching towards where the DA had assembled, were dispersed with rubber bullets by police.

The march is one of many planned around the country after President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle last week during which Pravin Gordhan was fired as finance minister, prompting an investment status downgrade to “junk” by ratings agency Standard and Poor’s.

“So we decided to head towards Mandela Bridge (in Newtown and Braamfontein) to go and peacefully protest at a place named after our father,” the member, who asked to remain anonymous, explained.

Police charge at @MYANC members in Joburg's CBD. Picture: Khaya Koko - The Star
Police charge at @MYANC members in Joburg’s CBD. Picture: Khaya Koko – The Star

“But the police decided to continue shooting at us saying: ‘Why do you want to go to Mandela Bridge?’ We had no choice but to run for cover. I, unfortunately, was shot, including a few of my comrades.”

The 35-year-old man from Ward 67 in Yeoville, Joburg, asserted that he would not be deterred from continuing his protest because “they did worse things to Chris Hani!” –IOL