Own Correspondent

Johannesburg’s two bus passenger transport providers, Rea Vaya and Metrobus fairs have gone up with effect from 1 July 2017.

This followed a consultation with all stakeholders by the Johannesburg’s Mayoral Committee Transport. According to a statement released by the City of Johannesburg, the committee approved a 6% fare increase for Rea Vaya and a 6.2% fare hike for Metrobus for the 2017-2018 financial year.

“The increases are in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the City’s pro-poor budget and other market-related cash fares. Commuters, including adults, pensioners and scholars who use multiple trip coupons or tags are urged to take advantage of the 25% discounts on offer.

For Metrobus users, this means that cash commuters will pay R10.80, up from R10.20, for a single trip,” read the statement.

According to the bus company, monthly trips will cost between R421.20 and R1 053.00 (for 52 trips); between R356.40 and R 891.00 (for 44 trips); between R113.40 and R283.50 (for 14 trips); between R97.20 and R243.00 (for 12 trips); and between R81.00 and R202.5 (for 10 trips).

“Scholars in uniform will pay R7.80 cash, up from R7.20, for a single trip, while 130 trips for the term will cost R760.50. Forty-four trips will cost R257.50 and 10 trips R58.50. Learners will get a 25% discount for multiple trip coupons. Fares for children aged between three and 12 will range from R7.80 to R18.80. Pensioners will pay R185.00 for 200 trips valid for a year irrespective of the number of zones travelled. They also get a 50% discount on multi-journey trips if they travel during off peak time – that is between 8am and 2pm,” read the statement.

Normal adult fares will apply if the pensioners travel during peak times, while the disabled will pay 371.00 for 100 trips valid for six months. They will get a 50% discount on multi-journey trips.

Travelling smartcards will be sold for R64.00. Private bus hire and contracts will be increased by 7%. Metrobus hires out 38 buses to schools, hospitals and private companies.
Rea Vaya fares will go up by 80c – from R6.20 to R7.00 – for the shortest trip, while the furthest point fare increases by 40c – from R14.10 to R14.50.

A single trip card will now cost 40c more at R15.00. Smartcards will be sold for R28.00 at Thokoza Park, Indingilizi, Orlando Stadium, Diepkloof, the Kingsway campus of the University of Johannesburg, Park Station, Johannesburg Art Gallery and Carlton Eastbound stations.

The penalty fee has increased to R14.50 and the inspector fare evasion penalty to R25.00. Almost 80% of Metrobus and Rea Vaya commuters use coupons. As a result those who buy coupons or Smartcard for multiple trips enjoy a discount, which makes them far cheaper than cash fares.

For more information commuters can call 0860 562 874 or (011) 403 4300 for both companies or go to www.mbus.co.za or www.reavaya.org.za. Commuters can also access information through the newly-launched free VayaMoja app.