Some of the residents discuss the traffic hazard in the street soon after the demonstration.

By Ntsoaki Toloane

The community of Emndeni in Soweto has demanded speed humps to be erected in a street where children have been involved in traffic accidents.

Emseni Primary School teacher Nonzwakazi Radebe said their pupils are in danger, as they get hit by cars along Khotso Street, between the school gate and the road. She added that they confronted the councillor about the issue but did not get any positive response.

“On 17 January 2017, we sent a petition to local Councillor David Monamodi asking for speed humps to be erected in the street. More petitions from the school and community were sent. Every time he says he is waiting for a reference number, and time is going without any further response,” she said.

A parent of a child who got hit by a car, Kholeka Radebe said on 21 June her nine-year-old son Phumlani was involved in a traffic accident in the street. “He was injured in the head, got scratches on the body and was bleeding. The children were playing along the street then the accident occurred, we do not know who was wrong between the driver and my son, but it seems the car was speeding,” said Radebe.

Community member Phumla Mnyamana, who stays in the same street said this kind of accident has taken place for the third time.

“We plead to the councillor to have speed humps erected on this street for our children to be safe. Otherwise we may block the street as it is used by the speeding cars as well as our children. There are no traffic lights or something to control the traffic,” she said.

Mnyamana added that if humps are installed, the street would be safer for the children who play there, as there is no park around where they can play.

“The street is used by drivers as a short-cut to the main road called Emndeni link. The road is very busy so they use this street. We always report this issue to the councillor as we did when the second accident happened, he said he was coming but did not come. We cannot wait until someone dies because of the speeding motor vehicles in this street,” said Mnyamana.

Councillor David Monamodi could not be reached for comment.