By Ntsoaki Toloane

The Sid Entertainment based in Soweto recently held Soweto Food Market at Uncle Toms Hall, in Orlando West Soweto.

Organiser of Soweto Food Market Sidwell Tshingilane said Sid Entertainment focuses on Kota festivals and food markets.

“We try to bring local chefs together and promote their businesses. We also try to have variety of different tastes of foods such as kota, burger, ice cream and wine. It was our first time to hold food market and we are planning to hold it quarterly, basically in summer, autumn, winter and spring. We will bring food according to the seasons of the year,” he said.

Tshingilane said that people want to support local businesses but do not know where to go. He added that his aim is to promote local businesses and they pay only R400 to put their stalls at an event.

“We do not have sponsor as sometimes they come with terms and conditions such as using their brand during the event. We use creativity as we want people doing business to be free. Apart from that, we promote local businesses on social media platforms, provide chairs, tables, electricity, stoves, tents and we hire them,” he said.

He added that they develop ekasi by giving back to the community in terms of promoting their businesses.

There was also Tinogona Chess Hub based in Soweto, which is part of Sid Entertainment.

Chairperson of Tinogona Chess Hub Thokozani Sithole said they go to primary and high schools to teach learners how to play chess. He added that they are planning to launch chess hub.

“We are in partnership with Johannesburg Central D14. Chess assists children in uplifting their minds, to focus especially at school, in planning and concentrating. We want to keep children in the house and focus on their school work. We are looking for coaches, whom we will pay, train them then they go to schools and teach children how to play chess,” said Sithole.

Brand Embassordor of Tinogona Chess Hub Thando Sithole aged 13 said she teaches other children how to play chess. Sithole added that she also shares her skills with them.

“It is hard to teach them as they do not learn it easily. There are five children from different schools who have learned chess. I teach different ages and learned chess while I was 10 years old. I enjoy the game as it assists me with mathematics,” she said.

Sithole said they can be reached on 073 557 1561 or 074 693 9101 and