Tbo Touch, Robbie Malinga jnr and Yeye. Image: Via Instagram/RobbieMalingajunior

It seems like Robbie Malinga junior aka Rob Mal aka Mr It’s too much aka #OnGod is on a mission to claim the fame that his social media posts have created for him after his father’s death.

“Give Robbie Malinga junior a reality show already,” is the one phrase that has dominated Robbie Malinga junior’s timeline since he “inherited” his father’s Instagram account that has over 96 000 followers.

One of the most popular comments made about Robbie junior has been his striking resemblance to soccer player Yeye Letsholonyane and Tbo Touch. And, he knew just how to add fuel to that social media fire.

Rob went and entertained Mzansi by taking a pic with both Yeye Letsholonyane and Tbo Touch…. because why? He’s TOO MUCH!

Source: Times Live