Ntsika Rise during his traditional set.

Protea’s star, Ntsikelelo ‘Ntsika Rise’ Colossa rose as he held his one-man show at Soweto Theatre on June 9. Ntsika Rise delivered on his promise of giving fans good music as he dazzled them with his smooth vocals and dance moves.

One Night With Ntsika Rise was an intimate affair in which die-hard Ntsika Rise fans got to experience a side of him they had never before experienced.

The artist who does not confine himself to any one specific genre performed three sets, a gospel, Afropop and soul and a traditional set.


The traditional set was the showstopper that closed the show. It was also Ntsika Rise’s first time performing that particular set. He fully embraced his role as a traditional practitioner during the set and let it shine through.

Ntsika Rise also used his one-man show as an opportunity to give upcoming artists a platform. One of the highlights of the night was Musa ‘Trail Music’ Ntuli, an upcoming musician from Protea Glen. Trail Music delivered two songs during his set that left a lasting impression.

Ntsika Rise is looking to make the next One Night With Ntsika Rise bigger and better. “I am definitely doing this again next year, we might get a big artist to feature in the show but it will ultimately still remain about me and my music,” he said.

Ntsika Rise embracing his traditional side at his one-man show.

It was a night of many firsts for Ntsika Rise as he also added a live recording of his performances into his catalogue. “I am happy with the show because it also gave me content I can add to my catalogue,” he explained.

Not only is Ntsika Rise a musician, traditional practitioner, actor and motivational speaker, he is also a music teacher. He presented his students as background vocalists at his one-man show.

“It was the first time those boys performed on a stage. I believe in grooming people and then putting them in the lion’s den by giving them a chance to shine on a big platform,” Ntsika Rise continued.

He plans on teaching even more young people music in future. He says his aim is to create artists and not celebrities.

Source: Soweto Urban