Dumisani Mbuyisa and Lindiwe Mazibuko.

It has been a month now since the death of Nomsa Hilda Mbuyisa and the perpetrator has been behind bars since he shot and killed Mbuyisa.

The Mbuyisa and Mazibuko family have been devastated and left with a void in their hearts. She was the pillar strength and always stood by her family through thick and thin. The family stated that nobody will remain her and will forever be in their hearts.

The perpetrator appeared at the Protea Magistrate’s Court last Wednesday; as he was walking to the stand, the victim’s supporters called him names and the Magistrate called them to order as they were interrupting the court procedure.

On June 4, he will appear again in court because the prosecution is yet to decide whether he should be granted bail or not. White City residents gathered outside the court to show support towards the family because this could happen to anyone and anywhere.

The residents were singing and chanting with donned sings against women abuse and no bail for Nomsa Mbuyisa killer justice must be served.

The deceased’s sister Lindiwe Mazibuko said, “We no longer feel safe as the family especially the kids. He doesn’t deserve bail because he is a danger to the community and his own children. He managed to kill my sister and shot my brother, who will be next?

“He deserves a life sentence and if I had my way he wasn’t supposed to get visitors as long he is still alive,” added Mazibuko.

Founder of Women’s Forum, Jane Mhlongo said, “I know how it feels like to lose a daughter in a brutal way because my daughter was also killed.

“We want justice for all those women who are killed by their partners and ex-boyfriends and show support to mothers whose children were killed.”

Source: Soweto Urban.