Westcol holds diploma ceremony

By Thembelani Moyo

A total number of 240 graduates were recently capped at the Westcol Technical and Vocational and Educational Training College’s diploma ceremony held in Krugersdorp.

The event which was attended by graduates, their parents, friends and academics started in the afternoon at the Ceremonial Hall inside the Mogale City.
Speaking to graduates during the ceremony, Guest Speaker Mr. Andrew Metswamere said the event was made possible because of them.

“We are here because of you. You are here to start a new life. There are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurship out there,” Metswamere said
The guest speaker also urged the graduates to be confident for their new journey.

“With challenges we face in South Africa, it is so wonderful that we are seeing an event like this. If you have a passion you can achieve. You have to believe in yourself,” he said.

During the event the graduates, who were clad in black gowns, were encouraged that if they do not have jobs, their job now is to find jobs.
The presentation of diplomas was done by Mr. L Coetzer, Westcol’s principal and his deputy Mr. TPS Mogotsi.

The diplomas were for Business Management, Educare, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Management Assistant, Public Relations, Electrical, Mechanical, Tourism, Public Management and Marketing Management.
Students who spoke to the People’s Bulletin expressed excitement about graduating and being ready to start a new life.

“I feel very happy. I really do not know what to say. I thank the school for doing this for us. I thank the government too because it is also involved. To my fellow students I just wish all the best for them. May the opportunities come by their side,” said Ncamene VN, one of the graduates for Management Assistant.

The ceremony ended around 4pm with Mr. Peter Hamilton who gave the vote of thanks saying Westcol lecturers and students have proven that they are for excellence.